Data/ Methodology

Data/ Methodology

Data Collection in the Community

HEAL-SL field data collection takes place in over Primary Sampling Units (PSUs), across chiefdoms in districts and provinces. Each PSU contains around 100 households and 550 people.

  • Enumeration

    The household enumeration is conducted using electronic forms, both at baseline and annual follow-up. All current household members and deaths that occurred in the household within the previous year are enumerated.

  • Verbal Autopsy

    With consent, all deaths are investigated by trained surveyors using electronic verbal autopsy (eVA), capturing the details of death by interviewing the family members of the deceased. The eVA uses the 2016 WHO Verbal Autopsy tool.

  • Determining Cause of Death

    Each verbal autopsy narrative is reviewed by 2 physicians to determine the CoD through assigning ICD-10 codes, with reconciliation of differences and adjudication by a third physician if needed. WHO guidelines are customized for assigning ICD-10 codes.

HEAL-SL House Coordinates [Published:2023-01-02]