Data Access Plan

Data Access Plan

HEAL-SL supports open data sharing for a variety of purposes. Currently, both Level 1 and Level 2 data are available to public access. As Level 3 data contains limited sensitive and identifiable information of participants, users must register and submit a request form to obtain related datasets. Registration and data request forms will be available on our site soon.

Aggregated data were collected for the years 2018 to 2020 and are available to all users on the HEAL-SL data portal. These data provide summaries of deaths, causes of death, and enumeration for each region. The number of study deaths are compared to the national UN estimated death totals.

De-identified individual level data are available to all users on the HEAL-SL data portal. Currently, only the individual ICD-10 coded cause of death dataset is available. More datasets will be available in the future, including the house and household conditions, and household member and death details.

Access to limited identifiable individual data will require online registration and submission of a 250-word study abstract describing the reason for obtaining the data. These datasets may include images, audio recordings of the narrative of events leading to death, the location of sampling units, and verbal autopsy details of individual deaths. The datasets will be shared via secure file transfer portal, or access to a secured database.

Identifiable individual data are restricted to HEAL-SL team administrators only. These datasets include names, contact information, and GPS coordinates, that will not be shared with any users. If an analysis on the Level 4 data is required, please submit a request and the analysis will be conducted by the HEAL-SL team analysts, who will share the output with the requester.